You need your goods or services to be carried out today rapidly, punctually and reliably?

Do you need a spacious warehouse for a limited period of time, or you could do with a prime mover semitrailer at your disposal for a few days? We have a flexible structure and a fleet of more than 100 vehicles that enable us to give you all these and more, with top quality service and in real time.
Once you choose Avant Company be assured that you can count for top quality service that will meet your requirement and help you relax while we do the work for you,
Avant Company  also offers fully equipped vehicles for any full or partial load, even for the goods that need controlled temperature or shipment..
We are built and rely on a thoroughly tested organization, vehicles and staff at large, who are capable of assessing your requirements, the type of goods and the most suitable method of managing the whole procedure smoothly while keeping you constantly informed.


 If it is transport/ logistic you can truly count on us, be it locally or international, from booking warehouse for storage, to providing both vehicles or freight services, following up custom clearances, delivering parcels and goods to your client, giving clients company analysis, to offering finance support where flexible.. Avant Company while do all these on your behalf,

 The type of vehicles avant company has, which are in good condition and ready for services include :

  • Vans and Canvas – Covered trucks.
  • Trailers (Loading Heights 3 Metre).
  • Lorries with side opening.
  • Semi – trailers with holders.
  • Saloon cars for light- weight parcels, goods or services.
  • Tractors fitted with cranes.

 Avant Company offers

  1. Greater capacity than inland transport
  2. Service available all day and night throughout the week, event on weekends.
  3. Services available on short notice – You call we work for you.


 Whatever your requirement is, at avant company our service is guaranteed of speed and competence.

 Our main aim is to continue  adding value for our customers, by serving them, and by providing them with a great fleet of properly owned trucks and IT-solutions.


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