Avant company is registered under Kenya Registrar of companies year 2015 and is licensed to conduct business in Kenya fully under the companies act, the main aim of Avant company is to become the world’s leading source of intelligent information for business in Agriculture, Security and Conflict Resolution, Procurement, Financial Consultation,Real Estate Management and Construction, Health Care,Oil and Gas, Transport and Logistics and  other major  economy industries within the world.

Avant combine industry expertise, professionals, skilled labor with innovative technology to deliver critical information to our investors and customers at large,

We as Avant  understand the value of technology and how it benefits people, this concern has inspired us to build and integrate ICT solutions that helps to work better and produce best and efficient results for our esteemed clients and investors.

We also make sure that our clients get 100% support for their work. We are always in touch with any new developments in the industries in both our existing and new clients.



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