Avant company is registered under Kenya Registrar of companies in 2015 and is licensed to conduct business in Kenya under the companies act, the main aim of Avant company is to become a leading source of information for business in Agriculture, Security and Conflict Resolution,Procurement, Financial Consultation Services,Oil and Gas,Health Care,Transport and Logistics and Real Estate Management and Construction.

Avant Company is a young energetic company with technical expertise and experience and local know how. We provide different services and solutions to various markets in:

> Agriculture.

> Oil and Gas.

> Security and Conflict Resolution.

> Health Care.

> Procurement.

> Real Estate Management and Construction.

> Transport and Logistics.

> Financial Consultation Services.


Avant Company provides comprehensive solutions to clients in developing Countries to address today’s development challenges. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients in different industries with specific focus in oil and gas, Security and Conflict Resolution, Agriculture, Health Care, Procurement, Real Estate Management and Construction and Financial Services.

Our financial products enable clients to manage risk and broaden their access to foreign and domestic capital markets. Our expertise helps unlock private sector investment, essential for expanding businesses, job creation, and growing economies. Our Agriculture solutions facilitate, building capacity for the production and translation of quality farmer-to-farmer training.

Our networking solutions offer small scale farmers,especially youth and women access to resources through various networks,partnerships,appropriate information and communication technologies and feedback mechanisms.

We help improve rural advisory services and agricultural education systems.We improve our clients' competitiveness through customizing their experience in outsourced value chain management.Our diverse experience extends from procurement to brand activation, and includes all the logistical services in between.As a result, Avant Company Can take materials and products from their original source - via manufacturing to the end -consumer point of sale."Get me there ; sell my products ; build my brand" is the way we describe our integrated,  end - to-end value proposition.


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